Number 1

Weather getting hot here.  I've stopped shipping for the summer-- local pick-up only (Oklahoma City) until cooler weather in Sept. I have a very good selection of birds available.

Chocolate cuckoo traditional feather pair, $120.  Shipping and box $65.

Number 2

Silkied silver duckwing pair $120, Plus $65 shipping.

Number 3

Dilute chocolate splash and red cuckoo silkied cockerel with chocolate splash (traditional feather, split to silkied) pullet.  She is small, but a good layer. 
$120 pair, plus shipping.

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Number 4

Year old chocolate/mauve/wheaten traditional feather group...can sell a pair, trio or quad.  Proven and hens laying...$60 each--will not sell hens only.

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Number 5

Small blue silkied cockerel with black silkied hen (laying).  
$120, plus shipping.

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Number 6

Show quality traditional feather pair.  $200/pair.  Proven, hen laying now.  Year old.

Number 7

Black trio pet quality, $100 plus shipping.  Small silkied cockerel with two traditional feathered pullets (laying).


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Number 8

Year old blue red pair, traditional feather.  $200. Proven, hen laying. 

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Number 9

Year old.  Black traditional pair, proven, hen laying.  $150

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Number 10

7 month old chocolate traditional feather pair.  Proven, hen laying.  $150.